Battle of the Blogs – Part 2

When I started using b2evolution, I received quite a few warnings from different people that it’s a giant spam magnet. I gave it a few months and my trackback and comment spam volume is simply enormous, despsite b2’s centralized anti-spam list. I have finally broken down and ported everything over to WordPress. Installation was a snap and only took me a few hours to port my skin over. So far, I am very happy with it 🙂 No wonder it’s so popular!

So you want to be a manager?

This is a new category that I will be musing about, Management, about my experience and journey to be a good manager.

I have only been an engineering manager for two years. It’s not until recently that I really looked closely at my management skills and see what I can improve on. I talked with some attendees at the SD Best Practice 2006, some people might think they want to be a manager, unfortunately some for the wrong reasons. Here are some crucial things that you should consider before becoming a manager, let alone a successful one.
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Journey of SD Best Practices 2006

It was an incredible journey to attend SD Best Practices 2006! I found that I have learned more from talking to other attendees and the speakers (most notably Mike Cohn and Johanna Rothman), than from the class materials themselves (even though I have learned a lot from there as well). I salute everyone who had given me insight on how to do better. By virtue of One Minute Manager, I will be sharing some musings as to what I have learned this week.

Decoding World of Warcraft’s Success Formula (Part I)

Since its release in November 2004, World of Warcraft (WoW) has enjoyed incredible success, boasting over five million customers* world wide (source: Blizzard’s press release). So what exactly is it doing right that it took the world of MMOG by storm, snatched a huge chunk of the market, and at the same time, expanded the market to the largest it has ever seen? It should be no surprise that, there isn’t one definitive answer to this, but rather, there are many things that Blizzard has done right. I will be writing a series of editorials on this matter. For this entry, I will be focusing on its prime strength: accessibility and usability.
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Battle of the Blogs

UPDATE: I have since switched to WordPress due to spam issues. See my Battle of the Blogs: Part 2 entry.

This site is powered by b2evolution if you haven’t noticed. Why did I pick it? First of all, I searched on on “php blog”, sorted by number of downloads and b2evolution came up at the top, with over 150k downloads. Now even though I have heard about WordPress before, it didn’t come up in the search. Even though they claim that they have moved off, still a big mistake on their part to have neither “php” nor “blog” in their listing.
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