Battle of the Blogs – Part 2

When I started using b2evolution, I received quite a few warnings from different people that it’s a giant spam magnet. I gave it a few months and my trackback and comment spam volume is simply enormous, despsite b2’s centralized anti-spam list. I have finally broken down and ported everything over to WordPress. Installation was a snap and only took me a few hours to port my skin over. So far, I am very happy with it 🙂 No wonder it’s so popular!

Battle of the Blogs

UPDATE: I have since switched to WordPress due to spam issues. See my Battle of the Blogs: Part 2 entry.

This site is powered by b2evolution if you haven’t noticed. Why did I pick it? First of all, I searched on on “php blog”, sorted by number of downloads and b2evolution came up at the top, with over 150k downloads. Now even though I have heard about WordPress before, it didn’t come up in the search. Even though they claim that they have moved off, still a big mistake on their part to have neither “php” nor “blog” in their listing.
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