Battle of the Blogs

UPDATE: I have since switched to WordPress due to spam issues. See my Battle of the Blogs: Part 2 entry.

This site is powered by b2evolution if you haven’t noticed. Why did I pick it? First of all, I searched on on “php blog”, sorted by number of downloads and b2evolution came up at the top, with over 150k downloads. Now even though I have heard about WordPress before, it didn’t come up in the search. Even though they claim that they have moved off, still a big mistake on their part to have neither “php” nor “blog” in their listing.

I looked at the activity level of b2evolution on SourceForge, 99%+, very impressive. Then I went to their website. It leaves a little to be desired, but it’s still passable. I looked on the forums briefly and didn’t see much negativity. Looked in the plugins section, was a little disappointed with the number of plugins but I figure it’s not that important for this site. So I went ahead and downloaded it, configured it and had it up and running in about 15 minutes. Very easy install.

Now the more time consuming part is customizing the templates, I was a little put off by how much PHP code there is in the skin. Though as I get more familiar with it, I got over it and found that it’s easier this way to insert code of my own, and still have them be isolated from the main code base. The challenge is that since the template is so free-formed and “logick’ed”, it might become a chore to upgrade.

After I got the site up and running, I did a little bit more digging around, and found that there are a lot of entries around the web from people migrating from b2evolution to WordPress, for various reasons. I took a look at WordPress, was impressed with the amount of documentation they have (then again it makes it seem daunting to customize). I have decided that I am in the sit and wait mode, and try to see if I run into any problems with b2evolution first before I switch. Afterall, I have only used it a few days. I have ran into a bug or two, which I fixed/worked around myself. We shall see how this progress 🙂

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