Defunct’s Story – Truth and Lies (Part 1)

This is part one of a story for my Anarchy Online neutral agent character, Defunct. It also intertwinds with other characters that I have. Rasque is my neutral fixer.

In a small hut somewhere outside the city of Borealis, two young men huddled around a small laptop computer. One Atrox and one appeared to be Opifex. Tangled wires and junk equipment suffocated their personal space in this abandoned computer shop. The air was stale, only lightly decorated by the scant scent of silicon from the circuit boards. The room was dark except the dim emotionless light emitting from the laptop screen. Scrolling text danced along the walls of the shop, showing their artificial beauty and disappeared into thin air.

Pacing back and forth, Rasque broke the silence, “Dude, how much longer?”

“Just a minute,” said Defunct, his eyes never left the screen while his fingers frantically typed.

“Geez, hurry up already. You know, I am really sticking my neck out for you to get you access to this network.”

“Yeah whatever man, I paid you good money.” Defunct’s eyes still glued to monitor.

Rasque did not say a word, but grinned with his sparkling white teeth. Defunct inserted a small test tube into the side of the laptop, then resumed typing.

>>> Searching Omni-RK personnel records…
>>> DNA match found.
>>> Displaying personnel record…

An Opifex male’s picture and his information filled the screen. In the picture, he dressed casually and carried a rifle. He looked to be in his late thirties.

“Got it.” Defunct cracked a barely noticeable smile. He skimmed through the data on the screen and continued typing.

>>> Searching for spouse records…
>>> Access denied, higher security clearance required.
>>> Re-scanning Omni-RK security clearance…
>>> Invalid certificate, intruder alert.

The nanosecond that text appeared on screen, Rasque exclaimed, “Son of a bitch! We gotta jet now! Omni-Pol will be here any second!”

“Damn it all to hell!” Defunct slammed his fist on the wooden crate underneath the laptop. Teeth clenched, he said, “Gimme another minute or two!”

Bushes started to rustle outside. Not a second too soon loud knocks descended upon the fragile wood door, accompanied by a loud male voice, “Open the door, now!”

“Dude! We don’t have a minute or two!”

“I don’t care! You’ll be busted too if this laptop is confiscated. So do whatever you can to slow them down.” Defunct continued typing.

Rasque spitted, “Fine fine fine! You’re lucky I’m not charging extra.” With a few simple hand gestures, he fired up several nano programs in his NCU and darted out the shop through a wooden window close by.

The sun was shinning brightly outside. Rasque had to squint his eyes for a brief second to adjust to the light. He ran past the Omni-Pol officers, so fast that they didn’t notice. Now on their back, Rasque shouted, “Hey you Omni scum! Want a piece of me?” Hands gestured, nanobots activated, streams of signals transmitted to the Omni-Pol officers’ NCU via Rasque fingertips. Instantly, a white glow appeared around the officers. They were immediately immobilized but started to open fire. Rasque darted back into the bushes with nano-enhanced speed and ran.

Dashing back to the shop, Rasque said, “Alright dude, you got 52 seconds to…” Rasque didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence. A loud crack formed on the door. A raging Enforcer scowled as he chopped down the door bit by bit.

“Oh man! I didn’t see him! Now I really have to go!” Rasque yanked the laptop from Defunct’s hand, Rasque mumbled, “God I hate this.” Within seconds, Rasque transformed into a cloud of nanobots and disappeared into thin air.

Left in the shop alone, Defunct hopped behind one of the crates and buried himself in webs of computer cables. He made a mental note of the spot when he first stepped in the room, precisely for this kind of situation. Without even the slightest breath, he waited. A tick later, the enforcer came raging in with eyes glowing red and beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. Six other Omni-Pol officers came rushing in after him. They surveyed the whole shop meticulously, but every time they came close to where Defunct was hiding, they quickly moved on to another area.

“So much for gridding here so quickly,” said one of the officers, looked to be in his mid twenties.

Now calmed, the enforcer said, “No worries, they will try again and next time they won’t be so lucky.” Wiping the sweat from his forehead, the enforcer turned his back, and the rest of the crew followed.

Defunct waited a few more to ensure they were indeed gone. He came out from behind the crate, hand holding a small slip of print out.

“Omni-Prime security clearance 8A.” He crumbled the paper in his hand. “You betcha I’ll get it.” He took a deep breath and walked outside. Staring at the blue sun, Amicus, he whispered, “Wait for me, mother.”


(End Part 1)