I won the AO “Name Rubi-Ka’s Suns Contest”!

In a competition organized by Lyricia, and recognized by ICC’s Galactic Cartography Board, I submitted my entry for the two suns names and I won! Nice change of 20 million credits.

Here’s my entry write up:

To pay homage to Earth I used one of the oldest Earth languages to name our suns: Latin.

For the yellow sun
For its energetic color, I chose “animus.” It means courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul. Regardless of factions or guilds, these elements can be found and should be cherished and praised. This word has also evolved into the English language and can be used to mean a feeling of ill will or animosity. This is an excellent contrast for our planet’s struggle. Amidst all bravery and courage, we have plenty of animosity. Even if one day our struggle ends, we will still have our sun to remind us of the Notum War.

For the blue sun
For its serene and peaceful color, I chose “amicus.” It is a Latin word that means friend, comrade or harmony between parties. With all the struggle happening on our planet (signified by Animus), what really matters? Your friends and comrade. The true ones will be there for you when you need them. When you are away from them, you can gaze into Amicus and not feel alone.

The runner ups can be found in this post. The suns’ names have been immortalized in The Story So Far on the official site, anarchy-online.com.