Hope, Serenity, and Happiness

On Hope

Despite what some people think, there is still hope in this world. Hope is the prime motivation for humanity. People pursue education in hope of having a better life. People climb the corporate ladder in hope of one day become another Bill Gate.

However, where does hope come from? It comes from within, the true ones. Those come from outside are unreal and useless unless the inside of you believes in it.

On Serenity

Everyone needs his or her own sanctuary. Whether it is your messy room, or the church down the street, everyone needs a place where he or she can be in touch with him or herself.

You will never be able to acquire serenity until you are truthful to yourself (not pretend to be someone else), believe in yourself (have confidence) and listen to yourself (follow your heart).

On Happiness

Money can’t do everything, without money, you can do nothing. Money cannot buy you happiness. However, it certainly can take you closer to it.

In a world which emphasizes on materials, your wealth puts you in the caste you belong to, and people treat you accordingly. It used to be obvious. Now it is subtle, but it is still there.

There is no such thing as “you don’t need money if you have love”. Nonetheless, you do need both to acquire true happiness.